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23, New Palace Area, Kolhapur - 416003, Maharashtra State.

investment casting projects, machinery & chemicals

Hydraulic_Wax_Injection_Machine Mobile_Wax_Melter_With_Pump Ceramic_Core_Leading_Autoclave Steam_Dewax_Autoclave Turnkey_Investment_Casting_Foundry_Project Machines_For_Manual_And_Robotic_Shell_Building

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We specialise in the Investment Casting Industry. We design; manufacture, and supply, complete range of World Class machinery, chemicals, refractories along with, a comprehensive range of services, to the Investment Casting foundry industry. We have the experience, resources and contacts in this industry.

We can execute complete Investment Casting foundry projects on Turn-key basis, supply machinery and chemicals.

Machines We Offer

  • Hydraulic Wax Injection machines.
  • Hydraulic Ceramic Injection machines.
  • Ceramic Shell building machines.
  • Complete Robotic shell building facility.
  • Steam Dewax Autoclaves.
  • Flash Fire Dewax Furnace.
  • Ceramic Core Leaching Autoclaves.
  • Shell firing furnaces.
  • Shell Knockout Machine.
  • Hi-pressure water blasting machines.
  • Abrasive cutoff machines.

Turnkey Projects

  • Investment Casting foundry design.
  • Complete plant design and Erection.
  • Technical Knowhow and Onsite training.
  • Techno-Commercial Insights.
  • Extensive Industry & process Knowedge.
  • Economical Prices.