Laxminarayan Technologies

23, New Palace Area, Kolhapur - 416003, Maharashtra State.

investment casting projects, machinery & chemicals

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Turnkey Investment Casting Foundry Projects

Continuous R & D over the past 15 years has enabled us to develop a very reliable and robust manufacturing process. Ability to produce large volumes and manufacturing economy are the hallmarks of our manufacturing technology.

The process technology is normally tailored to local conditions and materials available.

Investment Casting Foundry Projects

Our Scope of services Include :

Setting up of a new Investment Casting Foundry.

Partial or complete automation of IC foundries with appropriate equipment & software.

Using/adapting existing building and other infrastructure for investment Casting.

Modernization and/or expansion project for an existing IC foundry.

We offer technical services in reducing production costs, improving plant efficiency, reducing rejections and increasing productivity.

Revival of troubled investment casting foundries by introducing modern technology, improved process control methods and work efficiency.

Our services cover complete techno-commercial aspects of Investment casting foundries

  • Complete plant layout.
  • Selection of appropriate manufacturing process and materials.
  • Selection of process equipment and machinery.
  • Technical Know how.
  • Evaluation of suitability of existing machinery for investment Casting.
  • Onsite Training in manufacturing processes.
  • Setting up cost & quality control systems.
  • Study and evaluation of existing building for additions and/or Modifications.
  • Study and evaluation at available power at site.
  • Project Cost Evaluation.
  • Evaluation of machinery required.
  • Estimation of labour required.
  • Break even point evaluation.
  • Projected Profitability Statement.